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Start address, channels: DMXcas issue

I’m having trouble controlling my Casambi luminaires with the DMXcas unit. Which DMX values must I use in my controller to find the right channels to activate Casambi “pushbuttons”? I can’t control the Casambi scenes or do basic on/off.

Do you have any other product information or videos than the one on your website?

The DMXcas can be configured to control Casambi “channels” via the mapping feature in the Casambi app, which then would be connected to a DMX controller, and provide intensity control to up to 4 Casambi channels. Just to be sure, there are two DMX devices that DMX Engineering sells, the name tells it all.

DMXcas is DMX -> Casambi, which lets a DMX master controller connect to a Casambi network, and external control comes from that DMX controller.
casDMX is Casambi -> DMX, which lets Casambi control a DMX-enabled fixture or luminaire.

If you want to use an external DMX controller to control your Casambi network, then the DMXcas is the right device. It works like a Casambi pushbutton, and you need to map the DMXcas into the Casambi network as that type of device.
Firstly map the DMXcas into the Casambi network by pressing on the DMXcas in Nearby Devices, and add that to your network.
Now use the More screen, and press Switches, then on the DMXcas device that you just added to your network.
You should see 4 “Not In Use” items there, select one, and now using the app, the map that to an Element in your network. You have to of course have that Element already provisioned.

Now when you use your DMX controller, you should see that “channel” change its intensity.

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