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Connecting to various channels

“I’m working on a project for about 10 RGBW Luminaires.

Do I understand it right that DMXcas will control 4 Elements that could be programmed into a fixture of an RGBW Luminaire?

This means that one DMXcas is needed for every RGBW Luminaire, right?”

“A couple of points

1) In the latest update, it does control more than 4 channels with the toggle on/off in the Casambi app. This is only good for the casDMX side, not the DMXcas side.
2) it does not extend the control map in the network to more than 4 elements

The proper device for a DMX-enabled luminaire is the casDMX, which would drive up to 4 DMX channels, per color or control zone. You do not need more than one casDMX if you only have one control zone of 4 channels if you can connect the wire out of the casDMX to all the fixtures. If you do not want to use DMX wiring between the fixtures, in the same zone, then yes you need a casDMX for each luminaire.”

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