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Connecting: DMX controller to DMX enabled luminaires

I need to feed DMX instructions from a DMX controller to about 150 DMX-enabled luminaires without wires.
Is there a way for me to do this using the DMXengineering suite of products?

“The DMXcas unit allows connection of a DMX master to a Casambi network. The casDMX unit allows enabling control via the Casambi network, to a DMX-enabled fixture.

Casambi currently has a limitation of 4 channels of control, per network, meaning that you can control RGBW with no problem, but that is all that you get per DMXcas. If you want all of the fixtures to be controlled in tandem, with no zoning, then one DMXcas will do the trick. If you want multiple zones, then you need one DMXcas per control zone, and you would set the DMXstart address to 1, 5, 9, etc. to get the same DMX master controller to control more zones.

On the fixture side, the max casDMX units that you would need is one per fixture or 150 in this case. If you can share DMX wires between fixtures, and they are on the same control zone, then you only need as many casDMX units that are needed to make a connection, either wired or wireless, to your fixtures.”

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