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Regarding the firmware update from Casambi in January 2022 and 9 CasDMX modules not behaving correctly afterward.

We proceeded with the ‘Update Vendor Firmware’ process with our installer on site because indeed, they did have the update icon on each of the fixtures, the issue that followed was that each device when updating then stated ‘Update Failed’ each and every time.

We have confirmed that the issues lie at the CasDMX modules as we had one ‘good’ unit that we swapped out with failed ones once swapped the fixtures and installation performed as they should.

Essentially the CasDMX units would not accept the Vendor Firmware update.

Try to do the update in another network, meaning create a test network and try to do the update then. The Vendor Firmware Update is all software, so the hardware should not exhibit a failure mode in this feature unless the radio signal is weak and cannot complete the update transaction.

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