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Power cycling: casDMX issue – inaccessible after power off

For security reasons, electricity in the area is switched-off every evening. When turned on again, the casDMX is sometimes not accessible, i.e. it appears in the app, but does not emit any signals. Also, the error does not occur every day.

Have you faced similar situations and if so, is there a quick fix?

“We do not have any reports of any lockup issues other than very fast animations, 1 second in duration. Vendor Firmware version 1.9 addresses that, which was the only reported issue over the past year, so this is not expected.

In addition to trying the vendor firmware update, there is also a watchdog timer added to 1.9, that could help. If you have DMX being generated, meaning that there is a valid DMX frame on the DMX output, then the issue is not that there is no output, but perhaps no Casambi-to-casDMX communications. The icon showing that the unit is alive shows that the radio is operational at least.”

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