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Lock up: casDMX issue

My casdMX is locking up. How can I resolve this?

The issue is that I am getting the casDMX to lock up and stop working. I am able to exacerbate the issue by changing the “DMX Copy Slot Count” while an animation is currently running, after a few times of changing the “DMX Copy Slot Count” while an animation is running the casDMX just stops working. I am still able to communicate with the module via Casambi App, but turning the light on/off or changing colors no longer works, i.e. the DMX output doesn’t work anymore. The only way to resolve this condition, as far as I could tell, is to cycle power on the device.

I really didn’t worry about this as I don’t plan to adjust “DMX Copy Slot Count” once the system is installed. But, we just installed our first installation of 19 pcs on a site and I was out there programming some new animations, and one of the casDMX modules entered this state. All I was doing was programming new scenes of colors and animation scenes, I didn’t touch “DXM Copy Slot Count”. There was nothing I could do to get the casDMX to start working and finally had to get access to the breaker panel to cycle power. See attached video, you can see the first string of lights won’t change color with the rest, the casDMX on that string is locked up.

Please update to the latest firmware version. Current firmware as of this post (12/20/2022) is version 1.9, which added a watchdog and resolved the issue.

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