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Input voltage: casDMX max input voltage

We have a customer looking to use a casDMX of a nominal 24V battery system, so the system voltage will likely peak at 29VDC during equalization charging. The voltage range written on the casDMX units is 12-24VDC which makes me think these might be nominal system voltages rather than absolute maximums and minimums. Are you able to tell me what the absolute maximum input voltage is for the casDMX units, and therefore if they will operate fine on this setup or if they will be cooked by the extra voltage?

The input max voltage to the casDMX is 32VDC, however, there is a regulator there that will get VERY HOT if you get higher than 24V.

You can use a few diodes in series to drop that voltage, which is recommended. The power (and current) required is very low, under 50mA so the diodes do not need to be large power dissipators.

While it may seem like it will work, at least for a time period, getting close to the 32V MAX rating of the regulator is concerning.”

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