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Connecting to various channels: detailed example

Technical 4 channel challenge/limitation
The studio already has Casambi set up with all their architectural lighting and wanted to add a splash of color to the dance classes.

We have added 12 units that are RGBW led par cans 4 channels each spread around the room – total channel count 48 on the universe I have added the cas-dmx unit and can control the units if they are all addressed @ 1.

We would like to be able to give them individual addresses as below:-

Unit 1 = 1
Unit 2 = 5
Unit 3 = 9
Unit 4 = 13
Unit 5 = 17
Unit 6 = 21
Unit 7 = 25
Unit 8 = 29
Unit 9 = 33
Unit 10 = 37
Unit 11 = 41
Unit 12 = 45

The end / next available address will be 49
We can do this on our end by using the control on each unit but how do we allocate these addresses in casambi ?
We need to create a snap chase / fade

Class starts with a warm up slow tempo music plays
All lights 1 static colour blue

The tempo of the music increases
Lights start to fade from blue to red

The tempo builds again getting faster
Lights odd are all on1,3,5,7,9, etc lights even are all off 2,4,6,8, and so on

Then the opposite
Odd all off, even all on and so on

I can create this with a fade on 1 unit but can’t add any others.
How do we add lights to this universe with a different address?

Unfortunately a Casambi network can only address four channels per network. The only way around this is to use a matching DMXcas per 4 channels and then use an external DMX controller to then command more than 4 channels. Each fixture casDMX would be set to channels 1-4, and then each DMXcas would be programmed to drive each casDMX uniquely via the external DMX controller.

You can address each of the fixtures independently by using the app and touching each casDMX independently, which means the user has to touch each of these one at a time.

Unfortunately, Casambi is not like a traditional stage or studio lighting DMX system, the casDMX and the DMXcas have done their best to live in the limited channel count capability of a Casambi network.”

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